Gentle Science Fiction Novel Showing a Green Version of Near-Future Toronto Gets Cover Art

MILTON, ONTARIO, October 21, 2022 – The cover art was revealed today for upcoming solarpunk novel Unseen by Ontario author Cathy Hird. The cover features a stylized painting of a city skyline in shades of green, grey, and yellow.

Unseen takes place in the Toronto of the future, in which artificial intelligence and green technology harmonize to coordinate everything from rooftop vegetable gardens to water mains to streetcar routes and self-driving cars to maintain the city’s infrastructure and keep traffic and municipal systems running smoothly.

While the setting is firmly rooted in existing or near-future technology, the conflict centres around the little natural space remaining in this highly developed version of the city. People with heightened senses, known as the Gifted, must band together to save Toronto’s much diminished High Park and the threat of hacks into the AI overseeing the city’s systems. This low-stakes novel that maintains tension with little heavy or dangerous action is an ideal book for readers looking for an easy, relaxing story.

Preorders are making their way into bookstores and are now available through the publisher. Unseen will release February 10, 2023 in trade paperback (256 pages, ISBN 978-1-928011-90-3, $23.99 CAD) and ebook (ISBN 978-1-928011-91-0, $4.99) formats.

After publishing several fantasy novels set in the present day or ancient Greece, Hird delves into science fiction for the first time with Unseen. Hird lives on the shore of Georgian Bay in Ontario, and enjoys weaving and reading in addition to writing.

Unseen is Milton-based science fiction and fantasy publisher Brain Lag’s forty-third book to be released and Hird joins twenty-one other signed authors so far. The book is the publisher’s second scheduled release in 2023 of twelve.

Media inquiries and requests to contact the author may be directed to


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