Happy release day to The Light Between Stars! Buy your copy of our first anthology now at your favourite retailer or on our store. Now offering local, contact-free delivery! And don’t miss our online launch party as part of Gen Con Online, Saturday, August 1st at 6:00 p.m. Editor Catherine Fitzsimmons and several of the authors included in the anthology will be livestreaming on Twitch to talk about the book and answer questions from the chat.

We’ll be hosting several other events at Gen Con Online as well, including launch and pre-release parties for The Unseen Force and Divided Earth. Most of our events are FREE, but you have to register (also free!) for Gen Con Online and obtain a ticket for the event. Check out our full lineup. Events are already selling out, so get your tickets now!

We are proud to present the cover art for Other London Volume One, coming this October from Erynn Q!

More information on the book is now available on the book detail page and preorders will be coming soon.

Also, Brain Lag authors Stephen B. Pearl and Catherine Fitzsimmons will be taking part in the Renaissance Press Virtual Conference this weekend. Visit the full program schedule and check out the many fascinating panels, readings, and book launches taking place during the event. Registration is free, but you must register to attend events. See you through the screen!

Presenting the cover art for the second book of the Awakening Earth trilogy by Dale E. McClenning, Divided Earth!

Preorders are now available on the Brain Lag store and will be coming to your favourite retailer soon.

Our fifteenth title, The Maiden Voyage of New York City by Gary Girod, is out! Please join us in welcoming this fast-paced, character-driven new scifi novel into the world. Also, we hope you’ll join us at our livestream launch party tomorrow, Saturday, May 16th at 4:00 p.m. EDT on Twitch. More details on the Facebook event page.


Also, please check out our brand new Store link. Buy directly from Brain Lag for books printed in Canada on 100% recycled paper, below retail price, and show your support for our press. Preorders also available!

Hello, authors, readers, and fans. I hope you are all staying safe and sane and practicing proper social distancing during this stressful and trying time.

I wanted to give an update on how Brain Lag is affected by all the measures brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a home-based business, the closures and recommended social distancing hasn’t affected the work from my end too much. However, all the businesses involved with publishing books have, which has certainly had an impact.

Here in Ontario, gatherings of more than 49 people have been banned. That means various conventions and festivals that we were originally looking forward to exhibiting at have been cancelled or postponed, including Breakout Con and Ad Astra. At present, our next confirmed event is Forest City Comic Con in London, Ontario at the end of June; however, given the virulent nature of COVID-19 and its ongoing threat, we are prepared to either see this or other events cancelled or postponed or to make the choice not to attend. I will continue to monitor the public health situation and make decisions closer to our next events, if such decisions are not already made.

Book production is currently uncertain and circumstances may change at any time. A state of emergency was declared and all non-essential businesses have been closed in Ontario and Quebec, the home of our printer for our personal stock. While they have sent a message saying that they will work with their clients to fulfill their needs, I have no intention of endangering their excellent staff by requesting any print runs at this time.

Our distributor also released a statement saying that they will continue to print and ship books ordered online, but if further restrictions affect their operations the way the state of emergency has in Ontario and Quebec, I expect that this may change. One of our titles, I noticed recently, was listed as out of stock at a particular retailer.

If you would like to purchase one of our books and you can’t find it available elsewhere, or would prefer to purchase directly from Brain Lag, we do have stock of all our currently released books. We are working on setting up an online store, but in the meantime, send us a message and we would be happy to ship you a copy. Ebooks also remain available, as well as the audiobooks we have released so far, and I encourage you to please continue to support our authors in this time.

I plan to continue with our release schedule as we have set it, including more books yet to be announced for next autumn and winter. I will be ramping up online promotions, and while we cannot have the launch parties we had hoped for, we will still celebrate their release at a later date. Availability of physical copies may be limited to begin with, but these books deserve to come into the world as promised. We need art to get us through these trying times, and the books will still be there when the world has settled down and caught its breath again. Brain Lag also remains open for submissions, if you have been using this time to polish up your next great scifi/fantasy novel.

Thank you all for your continued support. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me. Please remain safe—and keep others safe—by enforcing social distancing, and we can all get through this together.

Catherine Fitzsimmons
Owner, Brain Lag

Our fourteenth title, Crowman, is now on sale! Check out the book detail page for more information and to pick up your copy today, or visit your local bookstore or online retailer for your trade paperback or ebook.

Presenting the cover art for our first anthology, The Light Between Stars! This collection, in honour of Brain Lag’s tenth anniversary, contains ten all-new stories from Brain Lag authors. More information can be found on the book detail page.

Also, just added, our first event of the year is coming up in two weeks: Breakout Con in Toronto. We’ll be right between the elevators and the registration desk and featuring Crowman, releasing in one week! Hope to see you there!


We are proud to present the cover art for The Unseen Force by Catherine Fitzsimmons! Coming this June, the second book of Fitzsimmons’ Sisters of Chaos trilogy continues the story of Damian Sires, touched by the Goddess of Chaos, and Niabi, servant of the Goddess of Life. Read the book detail page for more information on this epic fantasy title.

bl-summer-20-promoWe’re thrilled to announce that we will have two more new books releasing this summer, The Unseen Force by Catherine Fitzsimmons and The Light Between Stars!

The Unseen Force is the long-awaited sequel to Enduring Chaos and the second book in Catherine’s Sisters of Chaos trilogy. We’ll have a cover reveal on February 21st (in two weeks!) and the book will be releasing June 19th.

The Light Between Stars is Brain Lag’s first multi-author anthology! This collection of all-new stories from Brain Lag authors includes tales from worlds both new and familiar. The cover reveal will be March 6th and the book releases on July 17th.

More information on both books is already available, so check out our book listing and learn more about these exciting new titles.

Presenting the cover art for Crowman!

This beautiful dark fantasy novel about a spirit of darkness, a man of shadows, and a girl who shines like the sun will be releasing Friday, March 13th, 2020.

Also, A Jewel on Sapphire is now on sale! Pick up your copy from your favourite retailer now.

Finally, be sure to check out our booth next Sunday, October 27th for Bazaar of the Bizarre: Halloween in Hamilton.