Presenting the cover art for Crowman!

This beautiful dark fantasy novel about a spirit of darkness, a man of shadows, and a girl who shines like the sun will be releasing Friday, March 13th, 2020.

Also, A Jewel on Sapphire is now on sale! Pick up your copy from your favourite retailer now.

Finally, be sure to check out our booth next Sunday, October 27th for Bazaar of the Bizarre: Halloween in Hamilton.

Book detail pages are now up for Crowman by David Rae and The Maiden Voyage of New York City by Gary Girod. Follow these links to find out more about these exciting new books and be sure to join us on our website and social media for the cover reveals for both.

We’ll have an exclusive sneak peek at the Crowman cover art at Can-Con, October 18-20, in Ottawa, ON, and the public cover reveal will happen online on Monday, October 21st. Then, a couple weeks later, we’ll reveal the cover art for The Maiden Voyage of New York City on Friday, November 8th.

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Please give a warm welcome to our newest authors, David Rae and Gary Girod! David’s first novel, Crowman, will be releasing next March, and Gary’s first novel, The Maiden Voyage of New York City, will be releasing next May. We are thrilled to be bringing their books to Brain Lag.

The cover art for Crowman will be revealed on our website and social media Monday, October 21st, with an exclusive sneak peek at the Brain Lag booth at Can-Con in Ottawa, ON October 18-20! The cover for The Maiden Voyage of New York City should be revealed soon after. Stay tuned as more information on these upcoming books is released.

We are proud to present our next title and our first children’s book, A Jewel on Sapphire by Catherine Fitzsimmons!


This chapter book (aimed at readers 6-9 years old) tells the story of Mia, a girl who lives on a space station and finds an alien she wants to keep as a pet.

The book will release in early October and will be on sale for the first time at Can-Con in Ottawa October 18-20.

Introducing Brain Lag’s twelfth title, Innocent Earth by Dale E. McClenning! This compelling science fiction novel mixes first contact with ancient prophesy and a cast of fun characters trying to survive the changes coming to a future Earth.

Innocent Earth will be released February 15, 2019, but preorders are already starting to be available, so check your local or online book store now to be one of the first to own this delightful new story!

Also, stay tuned to our event calendar and social media pages, because we’re always adding new events!

We are thrilled to announce our tenth title, coming this summer, Green Light to Paradise by J. R. Dwornik!

June 20, 2016


Milton, ON – Science fiction and fantasy publisher Brain Lag is proud to announce the August 4, 2016 release of GREEN LIGHT TO PARADISE by J. R. Dwornik. In this fun new science fantasy, super powers aren’t something to celebrate, but to fear. Private security force Sentinel keeps humanity safe, but Kali, infected with superhuman bad luck, finds Sentinel up to no good instead.

GREEN LIGHT TO PARADISE is the second novel by author J. R. Dwornik. His first novel was the 2011 epic fantasy RUINS OF CHANGE. Written in the style of a Japanese light novel, GREEN LIGHT TO PARADISE will feature original illustrations from four different artists.

GREEN LIGHT TO PARADISE will be released during Gen Con (, North America’s largest table top gaming convention, taking place August 4-7 at the Indiana Convention Center, 100 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN. Brain Lag will have a booth in the exhibit hall and the author will be on hand. The book will then be available for purchase by the general public in paperback (MSRP $15.99 CAD) and ebook (MSRP $2.99 CAD) formats in online and brick-and-mortar bookstores everywhere.

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Tinker’s Sea, the highly-anticipated sequel to Stephen B. Pearl’s Tinker’s Plague!

Ebooks are already available for preorder! Visit the ebook purchase pages on Amazon and Smashwords and be one of the first people to own this exciting post-apocalyptic seafaring story.

Tinker’s Sea will be released during The Pirate Festival, happening July 30-August 1 at Marden Park in Guelph, Ontario.

Full press release:

Milton, ON – Science fiction and fantasy publisher Brain Lag is proud to announce the July 30, 2016 release of TINKER’S SEA, sequel to the post-apocalyptic scifi novel TINKER’S PLAGUE by Stephen B. Pearl. In a world ravaged by the exhaustion of fossil fuels, small societies in southern Ontario re-introduce modern technology, powered by sustainable energy, into lands without electricity. While fulfilling her Coast Guard service obligation, aquatic tinker Tabby Drivensky saves a boy who turns out to have information vital to stopping a pirate who has been plaguing the Great Lakes for years in an ancient, nuclear-powered submarine.

Stephen B. Pearl, a southern Ontario native, has written nine novels that run the gamut of speculative fiction from historical fantasy to military science fiction to paranormal romance. With a strong focus on the way advanced technology or classical mysticism affects the worlds he writes, Pearl brings the science into science fiction and the real world into fantasy.

In TINKER’S SEA, environmental and nuclear technology, medical procedure, seafaring, and politics form a backdrop to a story of how terrors from the past can continue to haunt the present, even after societal collapse. The book follows up TINKER’S PLAGUE, also published by Brain Lag in spring 2016, which readers have hailed for its realistic predictions of environmental changes, clashing ideologies, and both the advancement and devolution of technology in a world without oil.

TINKER’S SEA will be released during The Pirate Festival (, taking place July 30-August 1 at Marden Park, 7368 Wellington Road 30, Guelph, Ontario. The book will then be available for purchase by the general public in paperback (MSRP $16.99 CAD) everywhere. Ebooks (MSRP $2.99 CAD) are now available for preorder and can be purchased from Amazon ( and Smashwords (