Original Cover Art Painting Revealed for Upcoming Fantasy Novel

MILTON, ONTARIO, December 17, 2021 – Today, author D. Holden Kennon and publisher Brain Lag reveal the cover art for upcoming young adult fantasy novel Blight of the Arachna.

The painting, by artist Brooklyn Smith, features the main character of the book, Castor, shying away from a stone golem-like figure in the middle of a meadow in a dark forest. In the distance, a giant spider looms menacingly while a tall mountain towers over the scene.

Book Synopsis

Once, Heroes walked this land.

Larger-than-life warriors from another world, the Heroes kept people safe. After they vanished, however, monsters ran rampant, steadily overtaking cities and making the roads impassable.

Now, the village of Toriath is slowly dying. Castor would do anything to save his family and neighbours, but as the smallest and youngest townsperson, he simply isn’t strong enough to do much other than run errands.

When he hears a rumour that could mean the town’s salvation, his chance has finally come to save Toriath and to prove his worth. However, it means venturing, alone, into the monster-infested wilds.

Castor may be the town’s last hope—but only if he can survive the forest.

About the Cover Art

Kennon was heavily involved in the cover design to ensure that various elements of this book and the series in general are portrayed at a glance:

  • Castor, a young BIPOC, is shown unsure and wary as he is at the beginning of his quest, though the meadow depicted represents a significant turning point in the story.
  • The spider in the background, known as an arachna, is the primary antagonist of the story and looms dangerously throughout the entire book.
  • The forest that surrounds Castor’s home is overgrown and monster-infested, keeping his fellow villagers trapped within its walls and slowly succumbing to famine.
  • The symbol prominent behind the title text is used in rituals to channel ambiance, the mystical energy ever-present in the world of Kairodor.

The book (trade paperback, ISBN 978-1-928011-69-9, 250 pages; ebook, ISBN 978-1-928011-70-5) will soon be available for preorders in bookstores everywhere. A sample chapter of the book can be read on the Brain Lag website.

Blight of the Arachna is Kennon’s first novel and the beginning of his New Heroes of Kairodor series. The young adult fantasy series aims to highlight universal issues of systemic inequality and abuse of power while providing an entertaining story of a young man’s quest to save his family and home.

Milton, Ontario-based science fiction and fantasy publisher Brain Lag will be releasing Blight of the Arachna, its 33rd title, on April 8th, 2022. Media inquiries and requests to contact the author can be directed to publishing@brain-lag.com.

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