Brain Lag’s 28th title: ADVENTURES IN GODHOOD

We are thrilled to welcome our fifteenth author, Arlene F. Marks! Author of the popular Sic Transit Terra series, Marks’ next novel, Adventures in Godhood, will be coming from Brain Lag in November.

A rash of exploding pigeons (and one self-detonating rat) signal the beginning of a strange quest for Toronto Police Detective Marty Breck and undergrad student Ellie O’Toole. Brought together by her 9-1-1 call about a haunting at a laundromat, they meet an entity calling itself Demonai.

Ellie and Marty quickly learn that their encounter is only the tip of the iceberg. Soon, they are launched on a search for answers, travelling across Ontario and figuratively back in time as they track down the trickster god’s past victims and accomplices.

Yet it seems that more than curiosity has drawn Demonai to study humanity. The continuing existence of the entire third dimension may depend on the results of his experiments, and perhaps the fate of his own kind as well.

Check out the book detail page for more information on this fun new science fiction novel, and stay tuned for the cover reveal in July.

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