Canadian Author Keeps New Books Coming With Upcoming Twist On Vampire Tale

MILTON, ONTARIO, December 5, 2022 – A Toronto film studio plays host to a tale of alien vampires and assassination attempts in the upcoming novel The Earthborn by Arlene F. Marks.

The book centres on Bilyash, a Nash’terel born after his people were exiled to Earth. After spending centuries in hiding among humans like the rest of the Nash’terel, he decides to follow his dream into the film industry, only to be targeted by assassins from his people’s home world. Accompanied by a young woman who stirs strange feelings in him and an indomitable Chihuahua, he escapes into rural Ontario. The only way to stop the assassins after him, however, may be to turn the tables, and his powers of magnetism aren’t fully trained yet.

The Earthborn is intelligent and witty while also accessible to a wide audience. “Buckle up, reader! You’re in for a wild ride,” says Ed Greenwood, creator of The Forgotten Realms and inductee into the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association Hall of Fame. With elements of urban fantasy, romance, thriller, and science fiction, Marks has crafted a tale of danger and cunning that will appeal to adults with a range of interests. The book will be releasing in May 2023. The cover art will be revealed and preorders will open in January.

Marks, a retired teacher living on the shores of Georgian Bay, is also the author of six-book science fiction series Sic Transit Terra. The Earthborn is her fourth book from Milton, Ontario-based SFF publisher Brain Lag. Brain Lag has been releasing new books from Marks twice per year, starting with Adventures in Godhood in 2021 and Imaginary Friends and Weekends Can Be Murder in 2022. Another book is already signed for November 2023 release and a sixth is currently under consideration.

The Earthborn will be Brain Lag’s 45th title and joins two other adult urban fantasy titles released in 2022. This is the publisher’s fourth release of eleven planned for 2023.

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