Upcoming Literary Fantasy Novel Soars Into Multicultural World of Medieval France

MILTON, ONTARIO, August 5, 2022 – Publisher Brain Lag’s first release of 2023 will be literary fantasy novel The Nightingale’s Tooth by Sally McBride, Aurora Award-winning and Nebula and Hugo Award-nominated author of dozens of short stories and novellas.

Featuring the daughter of an Arabian man and a Viking woman, along with a cast including Moorish, British, and Nubian characters from across Europe and north Africa, The Nightingale’s Tooth paints a picture of the faiths and cultures present in southern France in the mid-13th century. Mixed in with this cultured society is the unmistakable yet unknowable influence of Great Gods as well as the many lesser ones that people worship. Myth, imagination, and history are entwined in this sweeping historical drama about life, power, love, and destiny.

McBride says, “The concept of shapeshifting has always fascinated me. Whether it’s by magic, or by some twist on science that might come true someday, the ability to take on a new form seems like it would be great fun.” Presenting a new take on the shapeshifting genre, the book blends in the haunting challenges of life after death as well as both the limitations and clever uses of such uncanny powers.

The Nightingale’s Tooth will be released January 13, 2023 in trade paperback and ebook formats. The cover art will be revealed and preorders will open for the book September 16, 2022. This is the first book Brain Lag has published by the author.

McBride’s short stories and novellas have appeared in Asimov’s, Amazing, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Realms of Fantasy, Northern Frights, Tesseracts, On Spec, and many more magazines, anthologies and best-of collections. She has taught fiction writing and edited speculative fiction, co-publishing the magazine TransVersions. Her previous novels include Indigo Time (Five Rivers Publishing) and Water, Circle, Moon (Masque Books). Born and raised in Canada, she divides her time between Toronto and the mountains of Idaho where she enjoys skiing and hiking with her husband.

The Nightingale’s Tooth is science fiction and fantasy publisher Brain Lag’s forty-second book to be released. More books have already been signed with McBride to come later in 2023 and 2024.

Media inquiries and requests to contact the author may be directed to publishing@brain-lag.com.

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