Science Fiction Adventure Series Continues With Forthcoming Book Release

MILTON, ONTARIO, July 4, 2022 – Hamilton, Ontario author Stephen B. Pearl continues his Freedom Saga with the upcoming release of the third book in the series, Freedom’s Myth.

Ryan and Rowan narrowly escaped United Earth Systems "justice" at the Switchboard Station. Together with their new crew, now they must take relief supplies and personnel to the place of Ryan's nightmares, Murack Five. While tensions run high and secrets abound with the crew and passengers, the entire operation is plagued with issues that seem like more than bureaucratic red tape.

Back in Sun Valley, Gunther continues recruiting cloned e-entertainers toward winning their freedom. The focus group for the show based on Ryan and Rowan's escape leaves the set region to find their lives turned upside down. When tragedy strikes, leader Medwin's pain and anger hardens into resolve, and he starts to think that playing within the system isn't as effective as taking out his vengeance personally.

Decades of scheming have brought CEO Michael Strongbow's plans to fruition, but will it be enough to free clones and grant them equal rights?

On two sides of the galaxy, the battle for freedom wages on. The freedom to love, to live, to know the truth, protect those close, and make one's own choices defines every moment of every life. Perhaps the only way anyone can be free is in stories.

Freedom’s Myth continues the story begun in the first two books of the Freedom Saga, Cloning Freedom, released December 2020, and Freedom’s Law, December 2021. The third installment is scheduled for release December 2022 and will be available in trade paperback and ebook formats. Like the previous books, there will also be a dyslexia-formatted edition with larger character and line spacing, left-aligned text, and bold type instead of italics for emphasis.

Pearl is the author of over a dozen novels ranging from high fantasy to space opera and is his third book to be released in 2022, joining the July release of Revenant from Dark Dragon Publishing and upcoming The Mistletoe Spear from Pendelhaven Press, both sequels to other books. His training as an Emergency Medical Care Assistant, a SCUBA diver, and his long-standing interest in environmental technologies have factored into all his science fiction books, be they on or off the planet Earth.

Freedom’s Myth is Brain Lag’s forty-second book released, and the fourth book in the series, Arming Freedom, is expected in December 2023. Freedom’s Myth will be Brain Lag’s final release in 2022.

Media inquiries and requests to contact the author may be directed to

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