Georgian Bay Sets Scene For Paranormal Mystery From Acclaimed Ontario Author

MILTON, ONTARIO, June 3, 2022 – Multi-genre author Arlene F. Marks continues putting out new books with the upcoming release of paranormal murder mystery Weekends Can Be Murder.

When murder mystery theatre becomes too real for comfort...

Firefighter Larry Holmes needs some time away. Out of other options, he agrees to take his cousin's place at a crime fiction convention. Larry doesn't like mystery novels, but he can enjoy the host resort's amenities and stay out of the way. That plan goes out the window, however, when he arrives at the venue with the convention's organizer, Selena Watt, and the close-knit Crime Club decides that with Holmes and Watt present, the game must be afoot.

The convention concludes with a staged murder mystery weekend at stately Rafferty House. Neglected for decades, the Victorian-era summer home built on an island in Georgian Bay has been restored and upgraded... mostly. At first, everything goes according to script. Then, shots are fired, people get hurt, and Larry suddenly finds himself in the middle of a real-life murder mystery.

Only a few people on the island could have done it. The police can't come soon enough and the Crime Clubbers are itching to practice their sleuthing skills, taking Larry along for the ride. But with a serving staff paid to lie and unexpected guests with unclear motives, who can be trusted?

Only Rafferty House knows--and it is not happy.

In a writing career more than thirty years long and spanning multiple genres, this is the author’s first paranormal mystery but, she says, it will not be her last. Marks adds, “I’ve been a fan of the crime and mystery genre since my early teen years, when I discovered my father’s trove of Shell Scott novels (written by Richard S. Prather) and devoured them one after the other.”

After a career in various professions including fashion consultant, travel agent, and teacher, Marks retired to the shores of Nottawasaga Bay, Ontario. She has released many books over the years, including her currently six-book science fiction Sic Transit Terra series. Weekends Can Be Murder follows up two other releases from Milton, Ontario-based publisher Brain Lag: 2021’s science fiction comedy novel Adventures in Godhood and newly-released short story collection Imaginary Friends.

Weekends Can Be Murder will be released November 11, 2022 in trade paperback and ebook formats. The cover art will be revealed and preorders will open on July 15.

Media inquiries and requests to contact the author may be directed to


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