Open Submission Call for Short Stories by Transgender Youths

MILTON, ONTARIO, April 25, 2022 – A new anthology featuring stories by transgender youths was announced today. True Reflections from science fiction and fantasy publisher Brain Lag is now accepting submissions of short stories and poetry from transgender people age 25 and younger or from recently transitioned/transitioning people of any age.

“It is rather inadequate to say times are tough for transgender people,” said Brain Lag owner and project coordinator Catherine Fitzsimmons. “Between the rise in legislation that dictates how transgender people live their lives, define themselves, and receive access to necessary treatment, a much higher than average suicide and homelessness rate, denial of social services and medical care, and everyday discrimination, transgender people, and in particular transgender youths, are among the most vulnerable members of the population.”

Fitzsimmons decided to use the platform of Brain Lag to highlight the voices of transgender people and help spread awareness and understanding of their plight, their diversity, and their humanity. Given recent legislation in the United States specifically targeting young people, Fitzsimmons chose to focus on transgender youths for this anthology.

“It is my hope that publishing this collection will help people understand that trans people are just trying to live their lives in spite of the obstacles placed in their way,” Fitzsimmons went on. “But at the very least, we can show transgender people that we support them.”

Submissions for True Reflections are open from now until July 31, 2022. To help fund payment to the authors of at least 3 cents Canadian per word, a crowdfunding campaign will start after the submission period ends and final story selection has been made. Upon successful completion of the campaign, the book will be assembled, payments will be sent to authors, and the book will be slated for release in early 2023.

This is the second anthology Brain Lag will have released, but it is the first open to outside submissions. In 2020, Brain Lag published The Light Between Stars, a collection of stories from then-currently signed authors to celebrate the publisher’s tenth anniversary. The anthology was critically acclaimed by industry reviews, book blogs, other authors, and readers alike.

Submission guidelines for True Reflections can be found at Brain Lag has thirty-three titles currently released, with eight more books expected in 2022, from twenty different authors. Media inquiries may be directed to

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