Debut Author Brings Magic to and Illuminates Diversity in Glasgow With New Novel

MILTON, ONTARIO, February 4, 2022 – Curses are a part of daily life in modern Scotland in the upcoming urban fantasy novel Wild Magic by Ieuan Ledger.

Everyone is cursed.

Professional Curse-Breaker Rudy Renfrew lives one step ahead of eviction in Glasgow. He's a man about town, equally as connected to the university as he is the homeless community. He lives and works in the city with one foot in the peripheries, the magic-touched otherworld where ghosts and deities dwell. It's a path he's become familiar with, even if few people walk it.

When he's hired to find a missing teenage girl, however, he soon finds himself facing things he never has before. Curses more vicious than anything he's seen are cropping up around the city, all showing signs of malicious intent. Even with help from his lawyer friend, his roommate's fascinating one-night stand, and the god of the subway, Rudy can't find answers in Glasgow.

To save the girl and his home, he'll have to venture outside his beloved city into a world of magic far more chaotic and untamed than the one he knows. Even if he can harness the magic of the wilds in time, the evil presence over Glasgow may be too much for a lone Curse-Breaker to handle.

Wild Magic, the first book in a new series, will be releasing July 8, 2022 in trade paperback and ebook formats from publisher Brain Lag. The cover art will be released and preorders will open March 18, 2022.

A Multi-Faceted Story

The book reflects the diversity of the population in Scotland’s largest city, featuring a cast ranging across the LGBTQ+ spectrum, BIPOC and characters of different faiths, as well as characters who battle mental illness or trauma. Mixed in with a magical whodunit story sprinkled liberally with the UK’s wry wit are struggles with abuse, overcoming harmful stereotypes, unresolved grief and healing on a spiritual and emotional level as well as mystical.

Wild Magic also proudly showcases the myriad faces of Glasgow, from the ritzy suburbs to crumbling inner-city tenement blocks, the university and seedy underground dens of illicit raves, before descending to the lush highlands of northern Scotland.


Wild Magic is the first book by Ieuan Ledger, graduate of the inaugural Fantasy Literature postgraduate masters course at Glasgow University. Raised on the coast of Fife in Scotland, Ledger-McQuade moved to Glasgow at eighteen to study, and to enjoy life in the ‘big city’; now living in Mexico City, they have since reconsidered this title. Working as a freelance writer/teacher, Ieuan lives with their partner and three dogs, two of which are mostly housetrained.

Ledger’s manuscript was discovered by Brain Lag during the February 2021 SFFPit event on Twitter, when authors collectively pitched their science fiction/fantasy manuscripts publicly using the hashtag #SFFPit and publishers/agents expressed their interest for further details. It was one of over a dozen manuscripts submitted to Brain Lag during the event, two of which were accepted for publication.

The book will be the publisher’s thirty-sixth title and its seventh release in 2022. Ledger joins seventeen other signed authors so far announced.

Media inquiries and requests to contact the author may be directed to

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