Canadian Comedy Novel About Unexpected Godly Interference Now Available

MILTON, ONTARIO, November 12, 2021 – Adventures in Godhood by science fiction author Arlene F. Marks opens with a bang—or at least with an exploding pigeon. Pivoting quickly to a haunting at a local laundromat, the book promises both fun and mystery as a twelve-dimensional being meddles in the affairs of seemingly unrelated people in Toronto over a course of fifty years.

“ADVENTURES IN GODHOOD is funny, fascinating, and gripping. It zips along, with humour and fast action almost cloaking the really important questions about life and morality that get asked and, as is the way of humans, messily and clumsily answered. I loved it.”

Ed Greenwood, award-winning author of Forgotten Realms

Featuring an “expansive cast of characters” (Booklist), Adventures in Godhood juggles laughs over awkward interactions along with messages of self-reflection and finding joy in life even if it isn’t where one expects.

Advance readers have praised the book:

  • “The characters, the plot and the writing itself all made for one tasty meal of reading. I raced to the end, because it was so difficult to slow down, but I finished, feeling delightfully well fed.” – J.M. Tibbott, author of The Pridden Saga
  • “Underlying the comic passages is a meditation on the abuse of power. There is also the hint that our “gods” may not be the highest order of life in the universe, and that these beings may be under observation as well. If you like your sci-fi with a touch of humour, you will enjoy Adventures in Godhood.” – Ken Haigh, author of On Foot to Canterbury: A Son’s Pilgrimage, finalist for Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for Nonfiction
  • “What a great read. I had to force myself to put it down and get some sleep. I really enjoyed this book and the characters that gave it life.” – Reader David Penney

Marks, author of the six-book Sic Transit Terra series and popular fiction writing handbook From First Word to Last, gained inspiration for Adventures in Godhood from the classic Edwin A. Abbott novel Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. Marks, retired from a career spanning varied professions including English teaching, now spends her days writing on the shores of Nottawasaga Bay in Ontario.

A virtual launch party will be held Saturday, November 13th, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. EST on Twitch. The author and publisher Catherine Fitzsimmons will speak about the book and give readings while taking questions from viewers and giving away prize packs of ebooks and paperbacks to attendees.

The 294-page trade paperback (ISBN 978-1-928011-58-3) and ebook (ISBN 978-1-928011-59-0) formats of Adventures in Godhood are now available to order in bookstores everywhere. This is the first book from Marks published through Milton, Ontario-based publisher Brain Lag. Media enquiries and requests to contact the author can be addressed to

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