New Diverse Young Adult Fantasy Novel Showcases the Power of Hope and Perseverance

MILTON, ONTARIO, November 5, 2021 – The village of Toriath is out of food, magic, and time. Its only hope may be with the one citizen who can’t do anything else to help.

At 17, Castor is the town’s youngest citizen. Yet the small stature that makes him unable to do anything but run errands for others may be the only saving grace to finding salvation in the monster-ridden forest surrounding the town.

Blight of the Arachna

This is the premise of upcoming young adult fantasy novel Blight of the Arachna by D. Holden Kennon. In Blight of the Arachna, Castor sets out alone on a dangerous mission to save those he loves. The book will appeal to many young people often underrepresented in fantasy and young adult literature and features:

  • An LGBTQ+ star
  • BIPOC characters
  • A thoroughly realized original world
  • Themes of familial love, discovering inner strength, and perseverance

The Author

Blight of the Arachna is the first novel by author D. Holden Kennon and the beginning of his New Heroes of Kairodor series. Kennon has spent years developing the world of Kairodor with its own history, magic system, and language. With this series, he hopes to facilitate discussions about topics like systemic oppression and inequality while providing an entertaining adventure for readers of all ages of enjoy.


Blight of the Arachna will be released April 8, 2022 in trade paperback and ebook formats. The book will be available to order through major bookstores and smaller retailers alike, with preorders opening around December 17th, 2021. The cover art for the book will also be revealed at that point. View more information on the book on the publisher’s website.

Brain Lag

Milton, Ontario-based science fiction and fantasy publisher Brain Lag has been in operation since 2010. With a focus on Canadian content and debut and emerging authors, Brain Lag has seen significant growth in the past two years. Blight of the Arachna will be its 35th release, with Kennon Brain Lag’s sixteenth signed author.

Media enquiries can be directed to Catherine Fitzsimmons via e-mail at

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