New book and author!

Wishing a warm welcome to our newest author, Natasha Tremblay! Her first novel, Sins & Science, will be coming in October:

When math meets aftermath, all Hell will break loose.

A near-death experience gives Dalton McGovern an epiphany – through a combination of computer programming and neurotechnology, he will create a virtual afterlife. With support from his unflappable but flighty twin sister and his stoic and secretive ex-boyfriend, he gets the University of Liverpool to green light the project.

However, when his work catches the interest of an unconventional Pope and a nasty spirit attached to an unrepentant murderer, control of the project starts slipping from his hands. It turns out Dalton’s unleashed something far more significant on the world than even he thought.

Dalton may not have merely created an afterworld – he may have ended this one.

Check out the book detail page for more information on this wild and hilarious tale. Stay tuned for the cover reveal next month!

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