More books coming! Presenting…

We are thrilled to announce our twenty-sixth title, The Hard Side of the Moon by Hugh A. D. Spencer! From the author of the critically-acclaimed Extreme Dentistry comes a brand new novel of laughs, love, dysfunctional family, and retro science fiction.

In southern Alberta in the late 1970s, Matthew Bishop has a pretty decent life. Sure, he doesn’t have a girlfriend, but he has all the science fiction books a monthly mail order subscription can bring him, a collection of Canadian synth rock on vinyl, and a gig with the university radio station with which to share them.

But things take a turn for the majorly uncool when his commie best friend is assaulted by The Man, a high school hobby becomes a city-wide political statement, and his mom is set to marry the World’s Biggest Tool and leave him homeless. What’s a slacker majoring in f***-all to do?

Well, it could be worse. At least he isn’t imprisoned in an extraterrestrial slave labour camp… right?

This will also be Brain Lag’s first title in hardcover! Check out the book detail page and stay tuned as more information is released on this fun new title, coming this September.

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