Winter lineup announced!

Promo image of a book in front of a winter scene showing placeholder graphics of upcoming books. Full details in post below.
Presenting Brain Lag’s final new books of 2020! On Friday, November 13th (our second Friday the 13th release of the year!), new author JD DeLuzio gives us The Con, a tale of love, destiny, and an alien at a science fiction convention sharing hotel space with a meeting of the Jane Austen Society.

Then, on Friday, December 4th, Stephen B. Pearl, author of the acclaimed Tinker’s World books, starts a new series of intergalactic action and escape with Cloning Freedom.

In two weeks, on August 7th, we will reveal the cover art and full details on The Con, and a week after that on August 14th, the same will come for Cloning Freedom. This makes one new book a month for the rest of the year from September onward! We’re really excited to share all these new books with you this year.

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