Details on our next title, releasing at the end of November, are now available. Presenting Enduring Chaos by Catherine Fitzsimmons, author of Aurius and Halcyon, and the second book taking place in the world of J. R. Dwornik’s Ruins of Change:


Cursed with fearsome eyes and a dangerous gift, any chance of Damian Sires having an ordinary life was dashed the moment she was born. All her life, she has hidden her abnormalities and fought for acceptance behind the shadow of a veil and her respected merchant father.

When Damian’s power spirals out of control and casts her out alone into the world, she finds herself caught up in plots as old as the gods themselves. Bitter exiles, deposed nobility, clandestine knights, and a divine being with an ancient grudge all close in on the unstable power radiating from Damian.

Desperate to keep that power contained, she sets out with mysterious allies in an attempt to find someone who can help her in a world that fears magic. Yet the source of Damian’s ability is far more deadly than she imagined.

Visit the book’s official website for more information and for a chance to win a free ebook of Ruins of Change, and stay tuned to Brain Lag for more information as we get closer to the book’s release date.