Website redesign; freelance convention services open

Welcome to the all new Brain Lag website! In addition to the new layout, header image, navigation menu, and of course the live Facebook and Twitter streams in the sidebar, take note that a lot of new content has been added to the site.

Most prominently, please note that we are now open for freelance convention services. If you are an indie author looking to expand your reader base, contact us about selling your book at our next convention. There is no up-front fee, we simply take a small commission from the sale of each book. E-mail us today if you’re interested.

Thank you for sticking with us and we look forward to moving into the new year together. Brain Lag would not be much without you, our readers, and we appreciate each one of you who go through the journeys in our books together. A lot of exciting things are in store for 2013, so stay tuned.

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